Wauchope Plants & Landscaping Supplies


Greenbourne Nursery in Wauchope has a large variety of garden supplies, landscape features, seedlings, plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and related accessories on the Mid North Coast.
We are based in Wauchope with many of our loyal customers coming from nearby Taree, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour for their gardening needs.
Many of our clients are people looking for pots, plants, flowers, trees, water features and other garden accessories for outdoor spaces at their homes. We also service local businesses with their gardening and landscaping needs.
At Greenbourne Nursery we maintain relationships with professional gardeners and landscapers, providing them with the supplies they need for projects they are undertaking for their clients.
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Create Your Outdoor Dream Space

Whether you moved into a new home on the Mid North Coast or would like to green up your existing outdoor space, Greenbourne Nursery can help you. We carry all types of indoor plants, outdoor plants, seasonal flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, trees, salt lamps, water features, fruit trees, soil mixes, grasses, pots and more.
If there is anything we don't have in stock, we are more than happy to order it through our trusted regional suppliers.
We understand that different people have different needs so we tailor our services to suit our individual clients. We know that some of our clients understand their gardening needs, allowing them to place specific orders without hesitation and some of our clients like to have more input from us.
Some of our clients are a little unsure about their landscaping needs so we offer assistance by guiding them through our various indoor and outdoor products, helping them realise their vision for the perfect home oasis.

Visit Our Wauchope Nursery

Whether you require seedlings, seasonal flowers, pots, trees, shrubs, water features, gifts or other garden accessories, come by Greenbourne Nursery to browse through our collection.
We are always looking for new and exciting products that our clients will love. If you need guidance with DIY landscaping or gardening, our experts are here to help.