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Pots & Water Features Mid North Coast


Greenbourne Nursery Wauchope is the best place to buy pots and water features for your indoor or outdoor space.
We supply a large variety of pots, water features and other garden accessories to help you build your outdoor dream space. Located in the centre of the nursery we offer an end of line pot section which is 50% off all year round.


We sell small and large pots suitable for flowers, herbs, plants, trees, water features and main garden features. As a customer you can place small or large custom orders, we carry plenty of stock of every type of pot in our collection.
Many of our regular customers already know the types of pots they need for their landscaping needs. If that is the case for you, simply call or come into the store and place an order for what you require.
However, we also understand that you may have different needs so we have talented landscapers on our staff who can help you identify the pots that are best suited to your landscaping plans. So if you would like to grow certain plants, flowers, herbs or small trees in your indoor or outdoor garden space but you are unsure about the type(s) of pots that will work best in your circumstances, our landscapers can help you.
 Pots — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Water Features

Indoor and outdoor water features are the perfect way to create an elegant and soothing oasis on your property. With our help you can find anything from old world designs to sleek, modern water features. Every product we carry is durable, aesthetically charming and easy to set up.
We have many water features installed at the nursery, so you can see exactly how they look in a natural setting and can visualise them in your own space.
Our landscaping experts can teach you about the various trees, plants, flowers or shrubs that would work well with the water features and which water features would work best in your existing space.
 Pots — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Bench Seats

We sell a variety of bench seats to suit our customers gardens, bench seats not only add character but allow you to enjoy your garden and enjoy your flowers, herbs, plants, trees and water features.

Cast Iron benches have a tough, long wearing bronze powder coat finish with hand painted gold highlights which are highly rust resistant; seats are high quality and weigh around 50kg.

Cast iron glider benches are smooth, quiet and very comfortable. These sturdy gliders weigh approx 60kg.

If you would like to speak with our friendly staff we can assist with your outdoor garden space to ensure that you choose a bench seat that enhances your garden, is durable and correctly fits into your garden.

 Pots — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW