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Indoor Landscaping Products Mid North Coast


Greenbourne Nursery Wauchope has an eclectic collection of indoor gardening and landscaping products that will add charm, vibrancy and greenery to your living spaces.
Our indoor products are the perfect addition for home or business owners wanting to infuse charm, character and a natural element to their home or business space.
Cacti — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW



Our nursery stocks plants such as aloe, agave, crassula, delosperma, hedgehog cacti and the golden barrel cactus.
We have a wide selection of succulents and cacti available for those who want to beautify their indoor or outdoor space.
These plants are ideal for the Australian climate and able to survive indoors with minimal required care. We can help you find the type of plant that is perfect for your needs, along with the perfect pot in the right size to place it in.
Wall Art — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW



House plants are the best option for anyone who wants to beautify or purify their indoor space. These indoor plants can survive in stable indoor temperatures making them the perfect choice for offices, medical centres, public areas, apartment buildings and homes. We have plants such as the banana leaf, monstera and as well as hanging basket plants.
Wall Art — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Wall Art


Our staff are always on the hunt for beautiful pieces of indoor and outdoor wall art. We stock large steel wall art that is just perfect for adding the finishing touch to an outdoor space, while we also stock paintings and other unique works that are more suitable for indoor areas. Our wall art is ideal for both residential and commercial use.
Fairy Gardens — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Fairy Gardens


Imagine the feeling of coming home to a true oasis every single day. Our fairy garden supplies can help conjure that feeling at your home. We have everything you could need such as small fairy homes, mushroom stools, frasses, chairs, swings and many more bits and pieces.
Salt Lamps — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Salt Lamps


Greenbourne Nursery has a significant collection of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Available in a range of sizes and shapes suitable for any use, salt lamps are an excellent way to add positivity to your outdoor space because as they draw moisture from the air, they convert negative ions into positive ions. They are said to help with both mental and physical fatigue.
Wall Art — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW

Lively Living Aromatics


At Greenbourne Nursery we have become a stockist of Lively Living Aromatics, to promote wellbeing through a range of stylish diffusers and exquisite range of organically-certified essential oils and blends. Lively Living’s range of aroma diffusers accommodate any space no matter what size.