About Us

Family Owned Nursery Mid North Coast


Greenbourne Nursery Wauchope is a family owned and run business, we are proud to be able to serve the Mid North Coast community. We have loyal customers who come through our doors regularly from Taree, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and other nearby towns.
There are plenty of landscapers who can create a beautiful outdoor space for you, many of our clients prefer to do it themselves. We understand that because we also have a passion for creating our own outdoor oasis on our property.
 Toys — Landscape Supplies in Wauchope, NSW
It's for this reason we sell every type of seedling, plant, flower, shrub, tree or garden feature that is available in the region.
We carry all the best quality seedlings, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, the latest in water features and the best rated pots. Our extensive collection is more than enough to satisfy most DIY gardeners and landscapers however, we are also happy to place custom orders for products we may not have in stock.

Experience Our Nursery


Seeing is believing - we encourage you to visit us in Wauchope if you are looking for any gardening supplies for your outdoor space - to see our extensive collection for yourself.
We carry indoor plants such as aloe, hedgehog cacti and delosperma, among many others. At Greenbourne Nursery we also stock outdoor plants, seasonal flowers, wall art, fairy garden accessories, salt lamps, high quality seedlings, fruit trees, roses, pots, water features, shrubs, deciduous trees and more.
Greenbourne is open seven days a week with a team of dedicated staff members on site every single day to help with your garden or horticulture needs. Kristin or Paul are also usually on location and happy to assist you.
If they are not present one of our trained staff can help you with your landscaping needs.